I’ve always worked with composition and I still love studying the form and structure of music no matter how conventional or radical.

As a youngster I would use manuscript paper and pencil to scribe out my scribblings but as the 90s appeared new computer technology was fast arriving which would change the future of music for myself and for many other composers.

I bought an Atari and E-Magic’s Notator in about 1992 and struggled along for some time finding paper and pencil much easier. I went to college and was introduced to Cubase, an alternative to Notator which worked pretty similar. These days i record ideas into my Voice Memos and use Logic & Sibelius to print them out. 


I mainly work in two vague genres; Neo-Classical and Experimental, which are both suited to several contexts; concert hall, installation and film. Some I prepare for my own shows, some i supply direct to clients and some is handed to libraries for distribution.

Whilst the medium of process might change, the essence within the musicality should always shine through.

Music is a love, a friend and a therapy. It helps me as much as it entertains me. I hope it helps others as much too! 

Thank you :) Sacha.

(As part of my CHARITY SUPPORT I invite students to enquire about music for their video production, short films, stage shows and other media works where they might need suggestions, music or sound design).

Below are a few excerpts from midi derived musical sketches:

(Look at my Sound Design page for more experimental music).

• Audio Sketchbook: Conventional ideas with commercial potential…

Progression in 4 parts

Progress 2020

Challenge 2020

Anticipate 2019

The Procession 2010

Expanse 2010


Pre-Coincidence + Beats

Danger 2018

Chaos 2020

Ridings 2020 …

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