Recording started when i was about 9 yrs old, tape to tape and reel to reel. As a kid I had a red light on my door to keep the family out when I was ‘recording’. Of course at nine I didn’t really have any decent kit, this was the early 80s and bar the super expensive sampler, digital recording wasn’t really a thing and studio kit was rare and expensive!

In the 90s, I did study though with Emagic’s Notator (precursor to Apple’s Logic) and Cubase among others, until Digidesign brought out ProTools! What a fantastic piece of software for recording and mixing. Where Logic’s roots were in sequencing, ProTools’ roots are in studio work. Today of course I float between ProTools and Logic as whilst they both do almost the same thing, this lineage is still inherent in their structure and as such each lends themselves to different methodologies and practices.

Whilst I can create mixes and finalize tracks for mastering, I have always preferred to leave the mastering process to an engineer who knows the nuances of his studio and who is a dedicated expert in his/her field.

I also worked several year as a Location Sound Recordist for a number of documentaries, art performance pieces and dramas. Very different challenges from that of the studio, such as phasing cancellation depending on the room size and shape, flutter or standing waves can also cause issues. Lastly of course the ruddy motorbikes and aeroplanes who do their best to make an appearance in any track.

Studios worked at include:


BBC Whiteladies - Bristol (mid 00s)

Atlantis Group - Los Angeles (early 00s)

Extacy Recording Studios Los Angeles (early 00s)

Sarm West - London (1990s)

Maida Vale - London (1990s)

Whitehouse Studios - Weston Super Mare (90s & 00s)

Numerous other small studios…

Home Studio - 1999

On Location - 2004

BBC Bristol - 2005

On Location - 2007

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