Piano Lessons are postponed whilst we have this Corona Virus situation still active.

There is a chance that things might permanently change…

Other workshops and events might also suffer from this Covid situation.

I shall update this page once I have a better understanding.

All the best,

Sacha x


Lessons by Request:

Starting the the 90s, I began by teaching piano and music theory privately. By 1999 I was engaged teaching at Weston College music dpt, under Paul Raymond starting with Piano but soon covering ProTools, Logic, Sound Design and Sampling, working as a general all rounder.

I qualified with Teacher Training in 2002, and continued to teach at several colleges and training centers.

By the early 00s I was lecturing on Weston’s degree courses and soon after I was lecturing at Bath Spa University for both Undergrad and Postgrad, running my own course on the CMT MA students, titled ‘Interactive Hardware Design’ under Professor Joseph Hyde.

I have toured my lectures and workshops and taught at a number of other projects, centres, festivals and institutions on a variety of topics and for charity and community projects as well as academic.

Today I still take on the occasional private student and I am happy to just spend time with those starting at the very basics, no matter what age, as I believe music can make all the difference to anyone’s life and it is proven to be a healthy practice - physically, mentally and emotionally.

If you are interested in learning about any of the topics I cover, please do feel free to contact me for more details. :)

Classes & Workshops

Piano for Fun


Hardware Hacking

Production Music

Ex-Student Review: 

Josh Greacen 

Sacha and I worked together for over 6 years (from around 10yrs old to 16). and during that time he became my closest musical confident. Unlike most teachers I’ve known, he has a wonderful ability to adapt to a student’s particular interests/strengths, nurturing their love for music, rather than pushing them into a particular box. 

I think he is one of the main reasons I’ve continued doing music long after our lessons stopped and have since been able to turn music into a career. 

His knowledge and love of music is infectious and he can really help grow anyone into a keen musician.    

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